Leadership and Organisational Development  Coaching and Process Consulting
Stephen Doughty
Effective Leadership can only be mastered through learning from experience.
This is especially true of leaders implementing change. It is a career long journey occasionally requiring some assistance along the way.
Coaching and Process Consulting undertaken in conjunction with Reflexive Practice are the most effective ways to enable leaders to learn from their experiences.

  1. Stephen is a great man to have at your side when leading a company through times of massive organisational change and expansion. He has real empathy with people and quickly establishes trust, which I believe is a key component of his success at orchestrating cultural transformation. He is challenging and passionate about his work, full of integrity, patience and good humour. I have learned a lot from working with Stephen and am a better leader thanks to him
    Dr Magnus Nicolson
    General Manager BASF Pharma Callanish Ltd
  2. I am always delighted to work with Stephen, He has integrity and professionalism that shine through from the first moment to the last. His abilities in personal and organisational development are exemplary and he has ways of explaining ideas and issues that are both accessible and meaningful. I fully recommend Stephen in any way that he can assist with your leadership and organisational development requirements particularly in a project and programme environment.
    Steve Barron
    Director MSc Project Management Lancaster University
  3. I find Stephen to be an exceptional individual who can assimilate complex scenarios and situations very effectively. He can strike a perfect balance between leadership and guidance whilst also possessing the ability to listen and tease out the real issues. This proved to be fundamental to the building of our team and giving them both the tools and understanding they required to discover their best potential. They have gone on to achieve impressive results. Stephen conducted all events with great care and attention to detail which provided the perfect platform and environment for creative learning.
    Professor Paul Anderson
    Director Digital Design Studio GSA
  4. I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen on a number of rail industry projects including a Critical Incident Analysis assignment. All posed complex, multi-faceted challenges, particularly from an organisational perspective. I was greatly impressed by Stephen's ability to rapidly understand the root causes, to bring all stakeholders to the required level of understanding and to motivate and encourage them to develop their own action plans to address the issues. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen's capabilities and the quality of his work.
    Tim Burleigh
    Relationship Development Manager Eversholt Rail Group
  1. Stephen is able to put ideas across to a group in a way that has meaning to the individual. He is as comfortable engaging with a group as he is at coaching on a 1-2-1 level. I am still applying the learning Stephen shared with me during the course today in my current role. Stephen's approach to sharing learning via stories, is especially effective. If you haven't already discussed a hero's journey with Stephen, then in my experience it would be worth your while to explore this with him
    Andria Steeden-Crane
    Manager Fuel Cycle EDF Energy
  2. Stephen is an inspiration, he opened up my mind to future aspirations and enlightened me with his coaching and teaching skills. "Stephen has a unique ability to communicate complex ideas with ease." He has exceptional business insights. The kind of leader people go to for advice and counsel
    Julie Prater
    Executive Director Australian Tax Service
  1. I have known Stephen for over 15 years and during that time I have come to appreciate and value his ability to diagnose, analyse, and present innovative solutions to complex problems. With integrity and sensitivity, he can be relied upon to ask difficult questions which others either don’t see or are avoiding, resulting in significant business improvements. Stephen is a supportive personable professional who I trust, and can be relied on to maintain client confidentiality and the highest standards of professional conduct. I am particularly grateful to Stephen for his contribution in setting up the European Project Management Office at International Automotive Components GmbH
    Geoff Simmonds
    Vice President Engineering & Programs Office IAC Europe
  2. Stephen was a tutor on the Project Management course at Lancaster. His impact on most of us was immediate but subtle. In 3-4 sessions he had such a profound influence and had sewn the seeds of change. I've met a few people in life that are truly inspirational, Stephen is definitely one of them, paradigm shifts don't come easy
    Stewart Watkins
    Operations Manager James Fisher Nuclear Ltd