Leadership and Organisational Development  Coaching and Process Consulting
Stephen Doughty
Effective Leadership can only be mastered through learning from experience.
This is especially true of leaders implementing change. It is a career long journey occasionally requiring some assistance along the way.
Coaching and Process Consulting undertaken in conjunction with Reflexive Practice are the most effective ways to enable leaders to learn from their experiences.

Free initial consultation. 

Initial consultation meetings face to face are the best way to establish raport and discuss client needs.  An alternative approach, if time and distance preclude an initial face to face meeting, would be to use Skype / telephone conference calls as a means of establishing what was required and building raport.  

If significant distance (250 miles / 500 KM +) and time (2 days +) is required to attend an initial meeting, travel and subsistence costs may be asked for, with the actual meeting time remaining free of charge.   
Before starting work on the assignment, based on an initial consultation meeting, the scope, nature and duration of the work to be undertaken is identified and a fixed cost agreed in writing prior to formalising a contractual agreement.  

For larger scale assignments the scope may be broken down into four separate phases;
1. Analysis & Diagnosis, 2. Design & Resourcing, 3. Delivery and 4. Evaluation. These may be contracted separately or as a block of phases depending on our clients requirements.
The agreed fixed cost will include fees, materials and any other agreed resources deemed necessary, together with budgeted travel expenses.  
Any subsequent changes in scope to accomodate changes in the progress of the assignment have to be agreed in writing by both parties.
Fees are charged at a competitive rate for an independent practitioner, the overall cost will depend on the scope of work agreed, the volume of work and the duration of the assignment.  

Whilst the majority of assignments are based on an all inclusive fixed cost, some projects, especially shorter pieces of work, can be billed by the hour, half or full day, plus agreed expenses.
Fees and costs for short assignments are invoiced on completion of the work payable in 30 days. Longer assignment fees and costs are billed monthly, payable in 30 days. Payment in GBP or Euro is preferred by BACS, directly into to our Royal Bank of Scotland account 

Intellectual property rights remain with Stephen Doughty & Co unless otherwise agreed.

Comprehensive professional indemnity insurance is held by Stephen Doughty, the terms and conditions of the policy are available on request  
A full description of our terms and conditions is also available on request.  
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